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Reformer Pilates // Beginner

Price: $35 per class (Class Packs available)

Reformer Pilates uses spring tension to provide a dynamic workout which strengthens muscles, improves stability and aids healthy joint function through low impact resistance training. No prior reformer experience will be needed to attend our beginner classes. Our reformer classes commence on Saturday 21st of October at our new Springwood Reformer Studio. 

Level: Beginner

Intensity: Satisfying to Intense

Location: The Mat Life Reformer Studio: Shop 2/ 66 Springwood Avenue, Springwood, NSW, 2777

Duration: 45 minutes


Back to Mat// Beginner

Price: $25 per class

Description: Traditional Matwork Pilates focusing on the Pilates fundamentals. Improve your form, balance, technique and muscle activation. If you're new to pilates or returning after some time off, this is the perfect class for you. 


Level: Beginner

Intensity: Satisfying​

Duration: 45 Minutes​

Schedule: Monday & Wednesday @ Lawson,

Tuesday @ Springwood

Tuesday & Thursday @ Mt riverview 


Stop, Drop & Flow// Intermediate

Price: $25 per class

Description: A step up from our beginners classes, Stop, Drop & Flow builds on the Pilates basics delivering a workout that is challenging yet extremely satisfying. If you've done pilates before this is the class for you.


Level: Intermediate

Intensity: Satisfying to Intense

Duration: 45 Minutes

Schedule: Thursday 6:30PM @ Mt Riverview


Pilates Power Flow// Pilates + HIIT

Price: $25 per class

Description: Combining Pilates fundamentals with High Intensity Interval Training- we get the heart rate up and build muscular endurance


Level: All Levels (best suited for clients with Pilates or HIIT Fitness experience).

Intensity: Intense

Duration: 45 Minutes

Schedule: Saturday 8AM @ Lawson


Mums & Bubs Pilates Sessions//

Price: $25 per class

An amazing opportunity to move your body whilst, spending quality time with you bub. This class suitable for mums with bubs up to 1 year of age and is capped at 8 mums. Meet other new mums, entertain your baby and move your body.

Level: Beginner

Intensity: Satisfying

Duration: 45 minutes

Schedule: Mondays 10AM @ Lawson

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